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Superwood is a material made from recycled wood fibres and a biodegradable glue made of milk waste. Our aim is to save resources by increasing the use of recycled materials. We keep the wood as natural as possible and don't mix it with any substances such as plastic or cement, which are harmful for the environment and cannot be separated from the wood after end of life.

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Today, people spend more than 90 percent of their lives indoors. Toxic components in our environment are invisible but present in many materials that surround us. We aim to create a transparent and honest narrative about the making, the indegredients and the origins of Superwood. Read more about possible applications of Superwood here.


c Daniel Delang

©  Daniel Delang.

Building with wood is a hype and largely climate-friendly. However, it will not be enough to meet the demand for raw materials in future. We use wood residues and waste milk for circular material and thus conserve natural resources. Read more about wood and its role in our global climate system here.

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In collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute for Wood research WKI, we develop the material according to functionality and resistance. To meet the hightest processing standarts, the materials properties are tested regarding mechanical, thermal and hygric performance. Read more about the research on using waste for a new biodegradable adhesive.

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With an experimental, playful approach, we shift the visual expectation of recycled materials, explore the visual qualities of wood fibres to create a material with its own aesthetic highlighting its offcut or waste indegredients 


Working both in a scientific and architectural context we see our interdisciplinary practice as chance for knowledge exchange, creativity and social transformation for an aesthetically and sustainably built environment in future. Discover more about us here.

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