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Superwood is an environmentally friendly material which is made from recycled wood fibers and a biodegradable glue. Our aim is to meet the contemporary expectations of architects, designers and engineers without sacrificing quality and stability standards. We research to improve the material and to bring it to the market.

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With its delicately marbled surface and extraordinary stability, Superwood can be used in many different ways, for example in furniture design, as accoustic material or for architectural applications. It can be reused, recycled and degraded. It is thus a circular material.

In collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute WKI, the used casein glue is optimised according to functionality and resistance. To meet the hightest processing standarts the materials properties are tested regarding mechanical, thermal and hygric performance.

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The consumption of renewable raw materials is increasing every year. Wood is perceived very positively by consumers as a renewable raw material. However, this resource is also coming up against its limitedness, as many industries are now relying on forests as a reservoir for their future carbon-neutral raw material.

Increasing temperatures, parasites such as the bark beetle also mean that this resource will have to be managed ecologically in the future.

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Each panel can be designed by adding pigments, textiles and textures.  The aim is not to cover the material with a plastic coating to keep it recyclable.