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Raw Material

The consumption of renewable raw materials is increasing every year. Wood is perceived very positively by consumers as a renewable raw material. However, this resource is also reaching its limit, as many branches of industry are now relying on forests as a reservoir for their future carbon-neutral raw material.

The increasing temperatures and pests such as the bark beetle also mean that this resource will have to be used in an ecologically sensible way in the future. Forests are an important factor in the global climate system because they are part of many material and energy cycles. Trees bind large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They also provide a habitat for animals and act as natural water filters.

It is therefore important to preserve forest areas and minimize the consumption of raw materials by recycling wood. The less pollutant a wooden product contains, the easier it can be recycled. However, a lot of furniture is lacquered or glued with formaldehyde. It contains pollutants and cannot be recycled. 65 % of wood residues have to be burnt because of toxic glues. 

Our aim is to develop a circular material that does not contain harmful substances, that is made from recycled components and is designed in such a way that it does not have to be painted or coated.

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